We provide Decal sheets for artists to transfer and fire images onto ceramic surface and glass for interior and exterior application. There is no minimum- you can order one sheet or 100. We do not charge for Color translation.

Each decal sheet is comprised of images, photographs, drawings, illustrations- anything you dream up.


We encourage you to send a print ready page. For those who are truly computer “challenged” we offer a file set-up service. The minimum charge is $50 for basic page set-up.

IF YOU KNOW PHOTOSHOP BASICS- prepare your FILES using the following INSTRUCTIONS:

1. The file format you send should be a .tif or .psd file.  Prepare your file in a software program like PHOTOSHOP.

- we do not accept word documents;

- pdf's tend to be inaccurate size wise;

- jpgs can adversely affect image quality;

- Please use our upload link NOT email. 

2. Set up a page in Photoshop that is

10 inches x 15.5 inches at 300dpi 

Or download our template. Below on RIGHT.
Use color mode RGB. At times, we receive sheets in CMYK mode. These will be translated as is.  Your images will  make a more accurate translation IF sent RGB.

3. Place as many images as can fit inside the 10 x 15.5 area. Use every bit of it. 

The back of the decal is what is adhered to the substrate- so for glass typically there is no need to flip your text.

4. To save upload time: Flatten/merge the page into just one layer. The background will now be white.

since our process does not print white, that background will end up being your substrate- either glass or glazed ceramic.

5. Save as YOUR LAST NAME1.tif ;


YOUR LAST NAME3.tif & so on. 

6. Now go to ORDER DECALS. You will be prompted to upload the file(s) you just set up

at the receipt page. Best to upload there.

Use the LINK below to upload files if you change your mind and want to switch out or replace what you originally uploaded during the order process.

Example of a sheet with multiple images set up.

Example of a sheet with multiple images set up.

** IF YOU HAVE SET up your file correctly (300dpi, RGB, size 10x15.5in. and flattened it) the file size should be right around 38 MB. Check this before sending- if it is not - chances are your resolution is too low. This will result in subpar print quality. Though we try our best to contact you, ultimately you are responsible for the quality of files you send us.